Dr. Anne Parker Dr. Anne graduated from the University of Dublin in Ireland 1999. After working in numerous clinics, shelters, and emergency clinics in New Jersey, New York and now Pennsylvania, she has decided to open her own small practice from her home. Dr. Anne prefers to work in a small clinic with more time dedicated to building Dr. patient relationships. She resides in East Berlin with her husband Ron and their menagerie of various pets. Dr. Anne enjoys reading, cooking, and Aikido Martial Arts in her free time. "No, I don`t have a favorite animal, I love them all. Each animal is special and unique and that`s what really fascinates me about animals!" Dr. Mike Fontano Dr. Mike Fontano graduated from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine with his Veterinary Doctorate degree in 2017. Originally from New Jersey, he decided to move to Pennsylvania post-graduation and start his career at Compassion Animal Hospital. Fear Free veterinary practices came naturally to him with his patience and gentle words. He developed significant interest in canine and feline oral health care, and has gone for specialized training in oral surgery. Dr. Mike has had a passion for animals of all kinds since he was young and has two beautiful huskies and three rescue cats of his own. In his spare time he enjoys many hobbies such as cooking, creative writing, and working on various arts and crafts projects. He strives to continue expanding his knowledge and serves to provide the utmost quality of healthcare.