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Posted by cpratccpratc on January 14, 2018

When the opportunity arose to purchase the former kennel, and renovate it into a fear free and hospital affiliated kennel, there was no way we could say no!  Our hospital, Compassion Animal Hospital LLC, became a Silver Certified Low Stress Handling and Restraint Hospital in 2016.  After seeing such a tremendous difference in our hospital patient visits we decided to pursue becoming a Fear Free Certified Clinic.   This means that EVERY employee, including reception staff, has completed Fear Free training and testing.  We hear numerous clients voice their concerns regarding inability to board due to their pet’s stress and we knew we had to come up with a solution.

When planning our new kennel set up, we knew we wanted to have a Fear Free option for boarders, but we also wanted to provide a service that most other kennels just do not do.  Upon admittance of all kennel guests a brief examination will be performed by a trained Veterinary Technician.  We’ll be looking for fleas or ticks-any obvious signs of these pests.  Since we strive to promote healthy animals we’ll be able to treat on site.  We’ll also be looking for any signs of nasal or eye discharge.  Proper quarantine measures will be followed to maintain a healthy environment for all of our guests.  Our Paw Patrol staff will be observing play in the yard and keeping track of any behavioral incidents.  Each guest will receive a one on one experience unlike no other kennel in the area.  We guarantee 4-5 potty breaks per day in our fenced in play yard.  To make things interesting for your pets, they will also receive Enter”train”ment.  This will include games, puzzles, scent training, learning a new trick, and more.  Each guest will receive a report card at check out describing how their stay was.  We’ll even keep track if your pet makes a new friend in play group!