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Doggie day care is a fun and active way to keep your dog occupied during the day if you are at work or busy.  We can do a full day or half day of day care!  We will evaluate every dog who comes in to see if they are a candidate for small group play or if they require our concierge service.  Small group play is a small group (typically under 5 dogs) who are evaluated and deemed suitable for play together.  Age, size, and temperament all play a part in determining which dogs play well together.  However, we do have some small dogs that prefer larger buddies and vice versa.  If a dog is evaluated and doesn’t meet our requirements for group play we can still offer a one on one play area for your dog.  We have plenty of shy, anti social, and overly rowdy dogs that we provide a more individualized play time for.  Each play group is closely monitored by at least two members of our qualified staff to prevent any unwanted playtime behaviors.  We have water features, obstacles, plenty of toys for fetch, and many fun things to help physically stimulate our guests.  We also use our training center to provide brain games, puzzles and scent training for mental stimulation as well.  This makes dogs eager to return and look forward to their time here at the resort!  Day care is also a GREAT way to get your dog used to the kennel prior to leaving them for a boarding stay.  Call today and reserve your spot for play time!

Daycare Evaluations

Contact our office for a one time evaluation of your dog to see if group play is a good fit for them. We use an evaluation system which tests your dogs behavior when around other dogs to determine which dogs would be best in a group.


Full-Day Small Group Play

Our full day doggie day care is considered over 4 hours of play time with us at the resort. We offer per day pricing or bundle pricing which helps save our frequent guests some cash! We offer 5 day, 10 day, 15 day, or 20 day bundle deals! Call today for pricing!


Half-Day Group Play

This is a great option for guests just starting out, puppies, or if you're just going away for a short period of time. We will provide up to 4 hours of play time for your pup! We also offer half day bundle packages for 5 day, 10 day, 15 day, and 20 days!